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Because of the literally thousands of different makes, styles, qualities of garments AND the almost infinite options for printing and embroidery it is difficult to create a complete price list without boring you to tears. HOWEVER, the following pages will give some examples of prices for the most popular options.


Feel free to browse the Full Catalogue. The prices of the plain (unprinted and unembroidered) items are in the catalogue. If we are to print and/or embroider any item from the catalogue, you will receive a discount on the list price of the garments.


If your order is simple and/or straightforward, please email the details. Or if complicated please feel free to ring.


We try to make this as easy and as uncomplicated as possible.


Normally orders will take about 1 week to produce, but we can usually do them quicker IF NECESSARY. If time is critical we can usually deliver personally.